Basics of Photography Workshop
(This event has passed)

Sep 22–26, 2013
Organized by: Balcon Heliopolis
Venue: Balcon Heliopolis
Address: 26 Suhag Street, Ismailia Square, Heliopolis
Admission: by reservation. Course fee: EGP 300

An introduction to digital photography:

Course outline:

- Understand your camera: Camera anatomy (body/lenses/memorycard/battery), shooting modes.

- Manual mode: Exposure triangle (Aperture/Shutter/ISO). light metering, depth of field.

- Composition: rule of third, leading lines, breaking the rules.

Course will start on 22nd of September

Sunday and Monday will be dedicated to knowing your camera and understanding exposure

Tuesday will be assignment day: no course but students will be given homework to do during this day to bring on Wednesday.

Wednesday and Thursday will be mainly on light and composition.
We will go shoot everyday depending on what we learn on that day.

Instructor: Nada Elissa

Participants: max. 10

Course Fee: 300 EGP

For more questions and any inquiries
Call : 0122 931 4690