Concert: Salib Sufi project
(This event has passed)

Jul 6, 2015 9:00pm
Organized by: Makan [Egyptian Center for Culture & Art]
Venue: Makan [Egyptian Center for Culture & Art]
Address: 1 Saad Zaghloul st., El Dawaween, Downtown

Salib Fawzi is born in El Minya. 
he started this project recently wanting to establish a band
that is more of an entity that blends both Coptic and Sufi rhythms.
Salib Fawzi is both a singer and an actor;
he participated in a number of musical and theatrical works, 
such as, Warsha Band, Habayebna Band, Resala Band and El Seaad Coral.
he also participated in a lot of musical festivals and events both 
in Europe and the Middle East, from those countries Lebanon, 
Jordan, Syria, France, Spain, Germany and Holland. 
one of the iconic tributes that Salib Sufi presented is “Ya Abu Galabi”.


Tickets price: 30 L.E per person
20 L.E per person for families.

Doors open at 8:30pm.
Ps: Reservations is canceled at 9:00pm 
Tea and Karkade are served
To rsvp. 
MakAn: 1 (Not 1a) Saad Zaghloul Street, 11461, El Dawaween, Cairo.
(on the corner of across Saad Zaghloul and Mansour street) 
Tel: 00202 27920878