DIY Chicken Coop with Nawaya
(This event has passed)

Jan 15, 2014 12:00–4:00pm
Organized by: Nawaya
icecairo (Innovation - Collaboration - Entrepreneurship)
Venue: Nawaya
Address: Marioutia Rd, Fagnoon
Admission: free

Let's Help Nawaya prototype a modular Chicken Coop!

Baladi chicken production has a great potential to increase the earning of rural households. Nawaya will be supporting, training and helping 10 families market their produce with the intention of upscaling.

A chicken coop that is affordable, open source, hygienic, well designed and incorporates ethical criteria for raising will be prototyped to kick start the project.

Join us at Fagnoon Art School on Wednesday January 8th from 12 pm to 4 pm:

* co-design the coop with the Nawaya team and trainees, icecairo, and other chicken fanatics
* bring and brainstorm sample affordable materials
* start retrofitting Fagnoon’s chicken pen ( on a later day)
* share your knowledge about Baladi chicken behavior and housing requirements

This event is for FREE and is intended to use everyone's knowledge to produce a unit.

Transportation is very limited, if you have any inquiries, please send to