Mandala Design & Coloring Workshop
(This event has passed)

Sep 5, 2015 10:00am–2:00pm
Organized by: Teatro El Maadi
Venue: Teatro El Maadi
Address: 10, Street 200, Degla, Maadi district.

The most popular art workshop in town this season continues at Teatro El Maadi on Saturday September 5th, 2015. For information & reservation please call us on 01016999934

In collaboration with Cairo Coloring Club, Mandala Design & Coloring Workshop by Sahar El-Nadi

Saturday September 5th, 11:00 am-3:00 pm

After this workshop you'll be able to create, doodle, and color amazing designs in your own style. It’s also a great tool for stress­ relief, creative problem solving, and regaining your focus and positive energy.

One session, 4 hours, LE.300 per person, including:

- Learning the basic techniques of drawing a mandala in your own style in pencil & finishing it in black ink.

- Learning doodle ornaments to decorate your design

- Learning color coordination and basic coloring techniques using color pencils

- Your personal copy of “The Book of Joy” Egypt’s 1st of a kind coloring book for adults, with 20 of Sahar’s original designs for doodling and colouring, available exclusively to workshop attendees

- You also learn important background information on how stress affects your health and well­-being, and how to combat its negative effects using this simple art.

** Your tools (please bring with you to class):

-White paper or A4 sketch book (no need for large sketch)
- Sharp thin pencil + sharpener + eraser
- Ruler (and a ruler with shapes if you like)
- Compass ­برجل
- Black ink pen 0.3­ 0.5 رفيع سن إسود قلم
- Color pencils ­ألوان خشب

Who can attend?
Everyone over 15! No previous drawing or coloring experience required. Even if it's your first art class ever. It's easy and fun.

Why is this useful?
This is not just entertainment, it's considered a creative tool for stress­ relief and boosting cognitive abilities. The beautiful results are also great for feeling positive and energized

What’s the mood in class?
Here’s a short video:

And photos from previous sessions

Your instructor:
Sahar El­Nadi. International public speaker and trainer, on creative thinking, creative communication and personal development. She's also a published author on spirituality, diversity and well-being, and an art designer with a unique personal style.

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